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Fast Turnaround

YES!… Your new website (up to 7 pages) can have a next day turnaround!
Remember, with KESHANDE Technology’s Service On-Demand, you receive priority service in an expedited fashion. What does this mean? Since priority service generally delivers 1 to 5 business day turnarounds for most 5-7 page websites, you could be up and running as soon as the next business day! If you need fully integrated E-Commerce / Shopping Cart features or more advanced website application functions, just book additional sessions or call 972-559-4932. We are eager to help you one-on-one with producing the right solution for you.

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Priority Support

Or maybe you just need technical help or you need to pick our brains…
Sure!  We are here to help.  Sometimes a good strategy session from a professional is all you need to bring it all together.  It’s also good to have on-demand technical support at your fingertips.  So, let’s get started!

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Time Management


Need help with how much time to schedule? Here are a few examples.

  • 1-2 Hours | Consultation, strategy session, tech support, minor updates or training for content updates.
  • 2-4 Hours | Initial Splash Page, Landing Page or Basic 1-3 Page Informational Website Design.
  • 4-6 Hours | Simple 3-5 Page Informational Website Design with a contact form.
  • 6-8 Hours | Standard 5-7 Page Business Website Design with a contact form and arbitrary payment page.
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