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Introducing CloudFlare
In an effort to continue improving our web hosting services we have entered into a partnership with CloudFlare (a company specializing in CDN technology), which allows us to provide our web hosting customers with a FREE CDN service (which you can manage from within your CPanel). That’s right, this service is provided to you at ZERO cost (its a courtesy service we are now providing  through our partner CloudFlare). So what exactly is a CDN (content delivery network) and how exactly will this new service benefit your website?

CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) with a security layer that routes your web traffic through CloudFlare’s global network (almost acting as a filter for your web traffic). With that being said, its important to point out that CloudFlare is NOT a web hosting service (CloudFlare will not work without a web hosting account and is not a replacement for your web hosting account). Instead, CloudFlare’s network stores a copy of your static website files across their global network (increasing the speed of your site, regardless of location, by providing access points to your website from various areas around the globe). In addition, CloudFlare’s network also blocks threats and limits abusive bots before they hit our servers (this is what I mean by almost acting as a filter). This means less wasted bandwidth on malicious visitors and bots, while conserving server resources (like CPU/Memory). In other words, with CloudFlare, you get the most out of your web hosting account, without having to spend extra money.

For a visual presentation of how CloudFlare works, feel free to watch the following video…

Now that you have a basic understanding of how CloudFlare works, we are going to go over the process of enabling CloudFlare on your existing web hosting account..

– Login to your CPanel  > Under software/services, click on the CloudFlare icon > Check the “TOS” box and click Signup (you’ll be redirected to the next page within 10 seconds), where you can activate the FREE CloudFlare service. Just to reconfirm, this service is 100% free, however there is a Pro version you can upgrade to (but is not necessary).

– Now that you have signed up for your CloudFlare account, you can enable CloudFlare by clicking the “gray” cloud next to your domain name. Once the cloud is orange, you are done. The process is pretty straight forward, however if you have any questions or if you would like us to enable CloudFlare for you, let us know. Once CloudFlare is enabled your site will…

  • Load up to 30% faster
  • Will Use up to 60% LESS bandwidth
  • Will have up to 65% fewer requests
  • Will be more secure against bots and other malicious activity.
  • Limit any potential downtime with CloudFlare’s “Always Online” Feature

With that being said, here comes the bad news… Although CloudFlare is compatible with all static websites and most dynamic websites, some websites are not compatible with your free CloudFlare account..

– Sites using an SSL (SSL support is only available via the pro account, which you can upgrade to via CloudFlare). The alternative to the pro account is you can install your SSL onto a subdomain (ex: and this method will be compatible with your free account).

– Sites streaming music/videos directly from the server (YouTube videos or music streamed from 3rd party websites are ok).

*If you enabled CloudFlare and you find it to be troublesome with your site. You can easily turn off CloudFlare by clicking on the “orange” cloud next to your domain name (as you did when you first enabled CloudFlare).

In closing, we are very excited about this new partnership and we hope you take advantage of the new CloudFlare CDN service available to you within your web hosting account.